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swagmagazineca BRIGHTLIGHTZ
Photos by:Curtis Jermany
Rapper Brightlightz hails from the city of San Francisco and he knows a thing or two about second chances.
- By: Courtney Cherry
The cities by the bay are full of bright lights. They illuminate the stunning Bay Bridge and the legendary city streets. Emerging from those streets is an artist of the same name, and it's those same streets that once tried to dim his shine.

Rapper Brightlightz hails from the city of San Francisco and he knows a thing or two about second chances. From an early age he had an interest in music and an interest in being a star.

He often reminisces on how his sister would tease him about making up his own words as he rapped along with Tupac. It was in the back seats of her car, head bobbing to KMEL, that a flame was ignited and it would prove to do much more then just carry him in his career.

Like many young students of the game, he began recording songs in high school. His bars and hooks have matured since then and it reminds listeners of that classic Bay Area sound that is so closely related to the lifestyle, fast and unpredictable.

Take for example his track "Money is the Motive", which features synthesized high hats, knocking baselines and a catchy hook.

It's most certainly a song for the club and could potentially be considered a hustlers anthem. Then there's "I'm Gone" and you instantly notice the switch up from a party mode to real life where he mentions the fact that he wasn't supposed to be here, but we'll get to that.
Brightlightz was able to catapult a once hobby, into a full blown corporation specializing in so much more than music. He originally created Bomb Bay Entertainment as a way to get his product to the masses, selling out of corner stores and barber shops. His current mix tape, Still Breathing Volume One, along with his album Special Delivery can be found there now. It's also on ITunes. His second venture on his label, Still Breathing Volume Two and Paperwork Proves Everything the album, will be hitting the streets hard and soon. He's partnered up with Pro hoe Zak this time around, who's laced the track for Bay Area bosses like E-40 and Clyde Carson. You'll also be able to grab the new mixtape on his website www.bombbayentertainment.com

Speaking of Bay Area bosses, Brightlightz knows quite a bit about being a diversified CEO. His company has plans to break out into a full fledge fashion house, designing clothing for men, women and kids who want to sport the Bomb Bay logo. He's even caught somewhat of the acting bug and was at one point being looked at for some potential acting roles. He would like to eventually pursue that venture when the time in his busy schedule permits, along with having his music featured in films.

Brightlightz currently has seven music videos in heavy World Wide Web rotation that most certainly reminds you of mini movies with their superior production quality. Not only does Brightlightz have his city behind him but he has quite a few sponsors as well. There's a clothing company, there's vapor pens, there's even a product called baller bags that holds everything a baller/ business person would need on the go.

There's another side to the multi faceted artist however, that he often doesn't speak about. He hints at it in his music and if you catch him in the right element you may get him to speak briefly about it, but coming from where he does he has little to say on the topic. At a point in Brightlightz young adult life he found himself laid in a hospital bed in a coma. He had been shot in the head and the prognosis was not promising. He credits his mother for being the sole person by his side through the ordeal. There were no homies, no ride or die chicks just the love and the prayers of the woman who gave him life.

When he emerged from the coma he found his mother by his bed side reading a book that she had often read to him as a child on the beach. Brightlightz had to learn how to walk, talk, even simple tasks like moving his fingers, all over again. It changed him to say the least and gave him the ultimate reason to go harder. Be sure to watch the video for more details on this bright shining artist and his story of recovery and triumph.




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