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YoungTrub: recording artist at Thizz Latin Ent. from Hayward, California.
For booking Contact: Young Trub at

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Tell us a little about yourself, who is Young Trub?
Young Trub is the truth. I’m that dude that really lived what he raps about. As far as Bay Area rap n hip hop goes, I feel like I'm a fresh breath of air from the same monotonous crap we are used to hearing.

How did you get the name Young Trub?
I got the name Young Trub because as a youngster I was always in trouble so they nicknamed me troubles. Over the years it got abbreviated to Young Trub. Most people just call me Trub now because I'm not that young anymore!

At what point in life did you take your rapping career seriously?
I started rapping in prison. Everybody kept telling me I was dope so I decided to pursue it upon my release.

When did you get signed to Thizz Latin and what projects
have you done under the label?

I signed to Thizz Latin last year. I was doing several shows with Bay Area artist signed to "Livewire" at the time. Tone Loc had seenone of my performances I had done and took a liking to me. After that he shot me a track to jump on and I killed it. The rest is history. I’ve dropped one mix tape of old recordings under Thizz Latin so far and over 200 features for various artists throughout the Bay Area, Texas and the Midwest.

Tell us about the awaited cd “Beauty and the Beast”.
The “Beauty and the Beast” project is my baby. The title is meant to reflect the two sides of the project content. The Beast represents the hood bangers and street songs. The Beauty is for the females. It’s a well rounded project featuring Bun B, Stevie Joe, Lil Ro, Berner and many more.

You recently made a song shooting back at Cash Money
recording atrist Tyga and Drake called “No Motto”.
Tell us about that song and why you made it.

I did the “No Motto” track because I felt like Tyga disrespected the Bay and Drake was slang stealing Mac Dre words, Then he put Mac Dre's mother in the video for ten seconds or less. I took offense to the whole thing. As far as Lil Wayne is concerned I think the boy is a fag. He comes raw sometimes but he just weird to me.

Tyga, that dude a b**** straight up. I was put on a show with him in San Jose and the Tyga’s manager hit me saying that I could not rock the No Motto song at the event. Tyga said that if I was going to rock the song No Motto, he was going to pull out of the show. My friend was one of the promoters for that event and I did not want him to lose out on the money he had invested so I decided to back out. Man, if I was in his position and ran into this situation I would have handled it different.

How would you have handled it?
I would have told him, "Go ahead", rock the song until you blue in the face. I’m about my money. While he was rocking it on stage doing his thing I'll be counting my 15 thousand dollars out behind stage, lol. Personally I feel like Tyga acting like a female, so f*** that dude! If I see Tyga at any function I'm slapping him. You can quote me on that!

For those of us who do not know Thizz Latin, Tell us a little bit about it
and what it represents.

Thizz latin is a movement. We are nationwide. We are the biggest label in the Bay Area. We have chapters in the Bronx, Midwest, Chicago, Atlanta, Germany, up and down California etc. Consider us the new NO LIMIT but on steroids!

What are your thoughts on the Late Mac Dre and the music he created?
He was the most creative lyricist in the Bay Area. He did so much for our region. It’s a shame he had to die before people recognized that. Mac Dre is one of my biggest inspirations. I'm proud to represent a branch of what he created!

In your younger days you made some decisions that landed you in prison for ten years. What did you do? More importantly what did you learn from that experience?
I learned, don't f*** with people when your grinding hard. My own friends snitched me out on an attempted murder case. I ride alone now. But truthfully, prison saved my life. I was out of control back then. I feel like, if I had not went to prison and did that time, I would have been dead by now or in prison for longer than 10 years. Prison gave me the time I needed to get my head right, learn some discipline and it also taught me how to be a man.

Tell us about the video "Shine" directed by Jae Synth.
Shine was directed at the people of the city I reside in. As for Jae Synth, that’s my dude. I seen his first video and I have been working with him every since. I also have two songs on the mix tape that he will be making videos for.

What would you say separates your music from other artist music?
I feel like my honesty, my background and the lyrical ability I have separates me from other artist.

What are some of the things you take into consideration when you’re making songs?
My goal when making an album is to rap about the truth. I always have to spit some mob lyrics for the fellas and then I sit down and make the club music. You have to have the club music for them to spin if you want to succeed.

What can we look forward to seeing from you in the near future?
You can look forward to seeing at least two new street tapes followed by the release of
The Beauty and the Beast. You can also look for more new videos, shows and upcoming tour dates.

How can we contact you for booking?
You can contact me through my facebook fan page, youngtrub music. You can also follow me on twitter @youngtrub. My website is under construction as we speak. To all my supporters I say this, “I will not let you down”. The time is going to come when these lyrical bars that I spit are going to fall on the right ears and then it’s a wrap from there!

Shouts out.
There are way too many people to shout out but, my main ones go to Goldtoes, Tone Loc, Stevie Joe, Philthy Rich, Berner, Baby Bash, Bun B, my Thizz Latin family and SWAG Magazine CA.

Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us today. We wish you much successs.





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