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M o o D-o l o g y the practice of photographically capturing many moods. 510.472.0177

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Multiple Business Owner, Filmmaker, Producer, and former performer of musical theatre and opera.

  Joseph Kirby


Production manager and Special projects.

  Cassie HIcksonbottom

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Executive Assiatant and Creative Producer for the film
“Shields of Love”.



  Wanyee Leonard film "Siick"   shows the affects of bullying on   today's youth.

Wanyee Leonard is a talented and educated professional

who rose to success while growing up in Oakland, CA. He's a multi-talented individual who has mastered the entertainment world as well as the business world. Wanyee is an award winning singer, film maker, multi-faceted entrepreneur, and highly sought out business consultant.

He truly values the importance of education and has obtained degrees and certificates in: Speech Communications, Public Administration, Government Contract Development, and Performing Arts.

Having toured the States and Europe, while he was a teenager, Wanyee got to experience the world as a well rounded artist and entertainer. Being able to have had such experiences, allowed Wanyee to transition into the world of film making.

Many of the films and documentaries
Wanyee has wrote and directed are socio-conscious documentaries focusing on such issues as; Breast Cancer Awareness, Drug Abuse and Treatment Awareness, as well as other social issues that concern families in the inner cities.

His most significant film year to date is "Shields of Love", which is based on a family who must face critical life challenges and hardships in today's world. "Shields of Love" will be released May 12, 2012 so be sure to support this heartfelt film.

Other popular films Wanyee has directed are "Father Figure" and "Siick". The story of "Father Figure" shows an African American family dynamic after their son has been slain and the repercussions of having experienced such a serious loss. While "Siick" shows the affects of bullying on today's youth.

Wanyee has the amazing ability to take you in the depths of these individual's emotions and have you share in their pain, joy, and learn from their life experiences. His advice for aspiring filmmakers is to have a strong grasp of the story and characters; "Know your story, know your script in and out!". He also advices that you plan the financial aspect of it and be thoroughly prepared.

Wanyee is heavily infused in the business
world, having consulted multi-million dollar corporations and Non-Profit Organizations alike. As a direct result of his consulting efforts, these companies have profited over $76 million in revenue over the past years. Some of the businesses he's been involved with are: Fox National News, Longline Security, Conflict Corner, USA Networks, and more than 15 other Non-Profit Organizations.

3E Consulting, provides business planning, grant development
and marketing consulting. His advice to entrepreneurs is to have a well thought out business plans as well as a spiritual plan. As he states, "The business plan will help you function while the spiritual plan will help you prosper!".

Any time Wanyee has left to himself, he uses to spend with family and close friends. He also likes to catch up on sports games and the news. He is thankful for all that he has been able to experience and conquer, both personally and professionally. He wants to personally thank all his supporters, most importantly his family, The Leonard Fab Five, his mother, and his sister Sonya; as well as his friends Casiana, Elaine, and so many others.

Wanyee has a strong appreciations
for his consultants as well as the cast and crew of the many film projects he has worked on. His message to his supporters is, "To Keep Grindin', Keep Prayin', Keep Pushin', and Keep Lovin'!". Wanyee is an accomplished professional as well as compassionate humanitarian, who has so much more to offer to the world and achieve with his many ventures. Stay tuned as his personal story develops and continues to inspire others!



"Sheilds Of Love" Focuses on the Crisis and Triumphs of Today’s American Family

Reno Tahoe Comedy and Pioneer Underground proudly present “Shields of Love”, a documentary produced by Wanyee Leonard. “Shields of Love” will debut nationally at 4pm on May 12, 2012 at the Pioneer Underground, with tickets for $12 in advance and $15 the day of the show.

When Wes and Monique gave birth to their two sons, Cody and Wyatt, their hopes and dreams for the future of their family were as high as any American parent. However, you and I both know that life-often without much notice-takes unexpected turns; altering the course of a family…forever.

Their son Cody was suffering
from severe undiagnosed medical issues. At the same time, their youngest son, Wyatt, suffered a severe knee injury, which almost resulted in the amputation of his leg. The Herbst family began a tireless fight due to the enormous growing medical expenses, and predatory lending, to save their home from foreclosure.


And at the epicenter of this documentary is Cody Herbst, who has suffered from frequent nocturnal seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 17. Since 2008 Cody has undergone 4 neurosurgeries (brain surgeries). He was always called that “one in a million” case because all of his medical diagnoses never seemed to fit the mold, and it is rare to have epilepsy in the parietal part of the brain.

The goal here is to uplift the American family says Monique Herbst; “If we can help one person through this movie, then it was all worth it.”

For more information on how to attend this viewing please contact Wanyee Leonard 702.502.6786 or Cassie Hicksonbottom at 310.484.9540.


Reno Tahoe Comedy and Pioneer Underground is a premiere comedy entertainment club in downtown Reno, NV. Situated in the heart of downtown, the Pioneer Underground offers a cunning, underground 160-seat facility, which is home to premiere comedians, entertainers, and film.





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