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Virgil Fairley


Bay Area Block Report announces the world premiere release of Virgil Fairley new suspence thriller

For Virgil Fairley, author of the novel, "From the Inside Out", the formula for writing a great fiction novel is simple: Borrow from real life experiences. When asked how much of his life and personal experiences are included in his highly anticipated novel, he responds with, "90%". Virgil Fairley has lived a hardened life that comes through with each word he has penned during his writing career.

He began authoring authentic stories while in prison in Tracy, California in 2002. His experiences in prison give Virgil a unique insight into what creates a life of crime and what precedes a life in prison. This exciting author adroitly manages to paint a vivid picture of the hustle it takes to survive on the streets. The struggle, the strife, the risks and the rewards of the hustle are crystal clear when reading one of Virgil's novels.

Virgil's new novel, "From the Inside Out" follows the main character named MackMan, a young man who started out doing the right thing in life. Straight A's and regular church attendance defined the young man until he lost his two jobs as a janitor. Strapped for cash and needing income, MackMan is forced to turn to life in the game on the streets. "From the Inside Out" offers an introspective and engaging look at how Virgil views the streets he knows so much about.

He examines everything that goes into each decision that has to be made during the hustle. Each gun that is pointed, every deal that is consummated, every life that is lost, Virgil keeps readers gripped with each exciting turn of the page.

When asked about the formation of the book title, Virgil displays just how much real life plays a role in his fiction: "What the inside out means to me is you could never know a person unless you know their heart. The outside can fool you. You have to be able to read a person from the inside to understand the outside, because it doesn't always show the same thing. My story had a very distinct understanding about how life can unfold."

That is what makes Virgil's writing style so addictive. You have no idea how the story will unfold. Twists and turns take place everyday, and Virgil has an excellent grasp of just how crazy life on the streets can get.

You may rise to meteoric fame, but the downfall can be just as fast. Throughout his life, Virgil has become a modest, god-fearing man. He has the knowledge and has learned the lessons of a life lived hard. Life has come full circle for Virgil Fairley, and he certainly knows himself and the streets from the inside out.


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