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Exclusive Interview with Uncle Hus:

Uncle Hus it's a pleasure having you with us today. Lets get right into it.

Swag Mag: Where did you grow up at and what was it like for you growing up there?

Uncle Hus: I was raised in Oakland, Ca and growing up in the "O" can be a real learning experience for the good and the bad. I learned that it's not what you do it's how you do it and sometimes the wrong things are the right things.

Swag Mag: How did you get the name Uncle Hus?

Uncle Hus: I started off hustling at a young age. People use to call me Hustler or J Hustle back in the days. (1997) I've been around for a long time lasting. I came up with the name Uncle Hus around 2000.

Swag Mag: How did you get started in the music business?

Uncle Hus: Music has always been a hobby for me. A couple years back I wanted to start taking things to the next level. I've been doing things hands on. The moves I make are always in the best interest for my Team.
master P Money Ball
Uncle Hus

Swag Mag: You are a single father. You are the CEO of your label Concrete Generals and you're an artist. How do you balance it all out?

Uncle Hus:
WIth me it is a process of elimination and taking care of business in a orderly fashion is number one. That's how I see it. My son lost his mom to these violent Oakland streets years back so I'm all he got. I be dam if I let one of these cats take that from him.

Swag Mag: Today artist are being held responsible for the lyrics that they put out. Some artist have lost major deals and endorsements behind the material they put out. What are you thoughts on this?

Uncle Hus: These days you have to be cautious of how you carry yourself and what you say and at all times. These people are watching so my best advice is keep it professional.

Swag Mag: What are three things that people do not know about Uncle Hus that you want to shed some light on?

Uncle Hus: I'm the last of a dying breed 2. I'm a Stand up Dad with full custody 3. I have a single on itunes called "Movin Thangs" so make sure you go to Itunes and check that out.

Swag Mag: What projects are you working on, and who are some of your guest features?

Uncle Hus: I'm currently working on "Moneyball 2", "Game Strong Money Long 2", and "The Chosen 1". Be on the lookout for my artist Bo Banga.

Swag Mag: In this industry establishing your own identity and your own sound is just one of the keys to success. Tell us three things that separates your music from the rest of the artist out there?

Uncle Hus: I stay just keeping a global sound for the music heads and spittin raw raps no cut. I stay Keeping it Real. I stay mixing up some of the old with the new and I stick to my lane.

Swag Mag: What are your thoughts on the Bay Area music scene?

Uncle Hus: The Bay Area don't support each other until a stranger does it. When that happens then everybody jump on the bandwagon, sad but true. Just stay tune for the Concrete movement, We networking but not ass kissing.

Swag Mag: What would you like to say to your supporters that have been holding you down throughout your career?

Uncle Hus: Thanks everyone for the love and support, that helps us drive harder. Imma give you what you want and keep it Concrete at the same time Salute!





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