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During a time when the methods used to promote an artist in the music industry is changing at a rapid rate and the major labels are declining in numbers; the independent labels are increasing, evolving for the better, and succeeding. No artist has experienced the ups and downs of this industry better than Krayzie Bone formerly of the super Hip Hop group Bone Thugs & Harmony which were signed by Eazy E of NWA. Krayzie's career has spanned over a twenty year period earning him a Grammy win as well as an American Awards win. Having been signed to major record labels in the past, Krayzie Bone has witnessed the difference between being on a major label versus an independent label.

Along with former band mate Wish Bone, Krayzie launched an independent label called The Life Entertainment in 2011. Having the freedom to produce the type of music he wants as well as promoting in the manner that he wishes gives him the type of control he never had while being on a major label. "With power comes great responsibility", as Krazyie states! Meaning that he has to be both an executive as well as an artist. As an executive Krayzie has free reign to sign any type of artist who fits his criteria. When asked what the criteria is, he stated that he's looking for artists who are unique, versatile, and proactive with their careers.

One such artist who has been affiliated with The Life Entertainment, is Typhoon, a lyricist originating from the Bay area. Typhoon has been a recording artist for years, independently promoting his own music as well as touring with such artists as Krayzie Bone. Having been born with the "Entrepreneurial Spirit", Typhoon runs his own independent label called Blocstorm Entertainment; as well the following clothing lines: Huckle Buck, Huckle Berry and Huckle Baby. Having released several mixtapes, he is now working on his album titled "The Black Rose", which as he calls it, is an inspirational album that has been recorded in order to motivate others to reach for greatness and obtain their goals! Penning such singles as: "A Letter 2 The President", "Black Rose", "Success", and "Legend",Typhoon plans to uplift society by providing music they can vibe to during this economic decline which has left many jobless and hopeless.

He speaks to the youth by showing them that you don't have to turn to the street life as a way to make money. Typhoon expresses the importance of receiving an education and teaching yourself how run a business successfully. He has learned how to properly network, promote, and link up with other independent labels and executives who have been influential within his career. Typhoon states that meeting and working with Krayzie Bone has been a blessing in that he has been able to learn from a veteran in the music industry. Krayzie has shared his knowledge with Typhoon as to the methods that should be used when recording then marketing and promoting your music to the masses.

Krayzie is gearing up to release his solo album in the first quarter of 2012 titled, "Chasing The Devil". When describing the album he states that it's music that can help you when struggling with challenging issues life may bring your way and how to properly overcome them. He would also like people to be aware of the fact that some artists are selling their souls in order to accomplish their dreams all while being robbed by the industry. He wants artists to hold themselves accountable for the message they are placing into their music and releasing it. He says, "Music in itself is very powerful and the message you put into your music is even more powerful."



KRAYZIE BONE Exclusive Interview
with Lance Mitchell at 102.7 KRNN Alaska Radio
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The type of artists he signs are those who are aware of the type of lyrical content they place into their music. Krayzie currently has three artists who are signed to The Life Entertainment. These artists range from a 13 year old pop singer who writes deep and meaningful lyrics; to a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Australia who also plays the piano and guitar, to a singer/rapper with a twist of rock influence in her music. Krayzie Bone signs artists who are multi-talented, versatile, and unique. He doesn't want an artist who sounds like someone else in the industry, he wants artists who create their own lane and differentiate themselves from the pack!

Krayzie Bone wants every artist to educate themselves on the business side of the music industry. He stresses the importance of learning how to read a contract and to always have an entertainment attorney review a contract. He states that so many artists enter into the music industry without any knowledge about the business side of the industry and they enter into the industry for the hype that the media over exaggerates. The love and passion for recording quality music with substance is lacking nowadays which leaves a lot of artists to be one hit wonders or fade out after one album, two if they are lucky! With major labels no longer really developing artists, an artist needs to have a team who will take care to really groom the artist before they decide to release said artist into the main stream market space.

He stresses the importance of formulating a well thought out plan for promotion and marketing to properly push a single or album. He wants artists to research online means of promotion and utilize all the sites available to an artist. Having a budget for proper PR and promotional assistance makes a world of difference when creating a buzz for an artist who is releasing music for sale. Using such sites as Swag Magazine CA and establishing their own website will magnify their online presence. Utilizing online sources himself, gives Krayzie Bone an open range to creatively promote not only his artists and record label but also his clothing line called The Life Apparel which can be found online at http://www.thelifeapparel.com.

For years Typhoon has been recording his music and creating his own movement not only in the Bay area but performing in different venues throughout the states. He uses any opportunity he can find online to promote his music. Typhoon is also a very compassionate individual who uses any chance he gets to give back to his community and speak to the youth in order for them to maintain living on a positive path. He also involves himself with charities so he may give back to society and leave behind a legacy that will make his family proud! Typhoon's message to his supporters is to stay focused, put together a complete and well thought out presentation, all while staying true to your main goals.

Krayzie Bone wants to thank his fans who have stayed loyal and shown love from day one through all the changes he has gone through with Bone Thugs & Harmony as well as within his solo career. Both Krayzie Bone and Typhoon have created independent labels and are pursuing a career free of any restrictions. They produce the type of music they want and release it in the manner that they see fit which is the positive side of owning your own independent label versus signing with a major label. Krayzie Bone and Typhoon are creating a great formula for other independent artists to follow! Be sure to continue supporting Krazyie Bone and familiarize yourself with Bay Area's very own star, Typhoon

By: Ani G




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