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Photography by: Curtis Jermany

Straight out of Hunters Point
Taurean Lee has always appeared to be a show stopper!
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Photography by: Curtis Jermany

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T-MAC MUSIK - HIP HOP ARTIST - By: Ani Galestanian
BAY AREA BLOCK REPORT annoounces the world premiere of T-MAC MUSIK’S NEW SINGLES "INA Circle" and "Take You Home ".

New hip-hop freshman sensation, T-Mac Musik, has released his first single and Bay Area Block Report, known throughout the Bay Area for providing local music, and promoting local events and new artists, is spreading the word of this accomplishment.

Fans should also be on the lookout for T-Mac Musik’s upcoming appearances on BET, MTV and VH1
Photography by: Curtis Jermany





Today we are here interviewing with Hip-Hop artist T-Mac Musik

Hows it going T-Mac?
I'm doing cool man. I just been working hard getting my music out there
to all of my fans and supporters.

I can respect that. I see the way you have been pushing your material out their and staying consistant.

So tell us a little bit about yourself and what you have going on.
I am a 18 year old artist/ producer who is known to have more than one genre from hiphop to pop to R&B to the latest bayarea twerk music.

I have a huge following out here in the bayarea and love being constant in what I do for my following.

Where did you get the nickname "T Mac"?
It was the 6th grade when puberty hit which means girls girls and more girls , but long story short I had so many girls on me they started to call me that, so the name stuck through out my life.

Where did you grow up at and how was it growing up there for you?
I was born and raised in HP Bay View Hunters Point in San Francisco. I did music for many years even when I lived there, all my friends and family were supportive of it. My childhood was great, due to my community giving me that push I needed to pursue my musical career. Times were hard, a lot of increasing violence due to rival gangs but I tried my best to stay away and continue doing my music. Yet one day a tragedy changed my world. I had a friend, he was around the same age as me but he was headed down the wrong road.

I tried to set him in the same path as me but he wouldn't listen. It was on a Saturday I got a call unlike any other. My friend was pronounced  dead at the scene of a crime the night before. I even remember the last words I said to him. It was hard for me knowing him and for the fact of how close we were. That just motivated me into doing music for my people and where I come from.

What is the relationship between growing up there and your music today?
It influenced the person I am today. I remember old G's on 3rd street getting in my ear coaching me how to be a ladies' man, the village of women that raised us into being "The right man", which really helped. Also, just the humbleness inside me. I'm kind of glad I'm from there because it gives me two perspectives of life. It's  all about where I'm coming from and where I'm going and how can I give back to my community. They supported me my whole life and I would love for them to see me now.

What event led you to decide to create music?
School was really a key factor with after school programs on dj'ing, dancing, and videos I watched on history of the whole Hip Hop culture. It introduced me to every aspect of Hip Hop from the old school break dancing days and graffiti arts.

Tell us about Iced Out Records and how you became a part of the label.
Its my indie label, it's a few artist I put together in one team to help promote talented and well pressed up artist. To us its more than just a label it's a family. Each of us have something to bring to the table and teach to one another, that's the great part about it; how we're able to get support from our brother to improve our craft and create. It allows us to be more than just a rapper or singer, but someone who is dedicated in what they're doing. This Includes BaNg, Marshon Weaver, J-Kidd, Elmo, Shouts to the fam.

What is your musical background? Do you have a musical family?
I have a few producers and rappers in my family, I communicate with lots of my musical family like my cousin Reese Matick with RBL, Stevie The Driver, and Lil Hyfe the list goes on in the musical part of my family.

Earlier in your career you appeared on a TV show called Zoom In. Can you share with us what the show was about and what part you played in it?
I was both acting, filming and editing the show. Basically the show talked about issues in and out of our community's, and what can us as kids do to make the situation a little better, we interviewed
Jessie Jackson, also the mayor of San Francisco, and Delroy Lendo from " Romeo Must Die" and the list goes on.

Which one of all your songs/tracks is the most meaningful to you?
I would say "Best Friend" Featuring Marshon, this song is truly  something I could  relate to. It talks about a girl I once was in love with but after a while she changed and another women known as a "friend " comes in and helps me with my relationship, including problems with me and the girl, ect. Eventually the friend becomes the new boo.

Do you consider yourself cocky or confident, with your music?
Confident is the word for it due to my humbleness. When I present myself on stage I'm more cocky and flirty toward the females. I really enjoy saying what I want and people smiling and cheering just because I said it.

You have won several awards in the video production earning the titles of Producer, Editor, as well as Filmmaker, and Performer. Tell us about some of your accomplishments?
As seen on BET, MTV and VH1, I won many cyphers ( battles). I won Kmel's home turf challenge and was aired. I have also won awards for producing and filming music videos. I've preformed with Kmel three times and was called back to perform at Yoshi's in San Francisco which is kind of big. I got the Boov 5000 Young & Talented Award. I'm always working to improve my craft.

You just completed Digital Pathways Advanced Audio Program with Bay Area Video Coalition. How did you get into that and what is the thing you liked most about it.
I was able to master pro tools and got some college credit's and money while doing it. Now I'm able to master my own work without a engineer when I need to get the job done.

What are the five things you can’t live without?
God, My Travel Studio, My Mother, Money, and Food.

If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?
I would want to open for E-40 because we have the same type of perspective about our music.

Your music targets the nightlife, clubbing and having a good time. What inspired you to take your music in this direction rather than others?

Man, I'm young and I love hanging with friends/girls, and I party but still know how to get my work and school work done. I love making Twerk music due to its up temp and catchy beats.

What are two of the wildest things you have experienced in your music career?
When I walked into a high school and everybody screamed my name shaking my hang, and another time was when I got rushed by lots of little kids and got ran out their school, haha good times!

Tell us about "Take You Home (feat. E-Willz)". Who produced the track?
My Boy Vybe On A Beat. I recorded this at my own personal studio.

How are people responding to it?
They know all the words to the song. It's crazy when people singe along to it when I perform.

How do you feel about collaborating with other artists?
E-Willz, it was great! The vocals, notes, everything was on point. I enjoyed making the pop track.

What projects are you working on right now?
My EP with Four new Twerk tracks. I dropped my EP and it had 4,000 downloads within the 1st hour of release that's due to my promotional team, Hi4lyfe and my East Coast Promotion.

Tell us about "Ina Circle". How long did it take you complete the project? Who mastered and mixed it?
Nothing at all I free styled that track in about 15 minutes. Shouts to EGK and M1 who did the mixing. EGK and M1's beats are crazy, they are two very talented producers I would love to work with again and again.

What new elements are you bringing to the industry?
My swagg, how I sound and how many different genre's I can do. I don't have a certain style in music.
I do all styles of music. 

How can people hear more of your music?
On my twitter @tmacmusik, my website, and youtube /tmacmusik.

What would you like to say to all of your supporters and future supporters?
Stay with the moment. I love you guys for supporting and my future supporters ..... Ya gonna love me when ya hear me!

Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us today. We wish you much successs.

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Photography by: Curtis Jermany
Graphics by: Larry Smith
        Photography by: Curtis Jermany
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