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Suga-T: National artist, executive producer, actress, speaker and song writer

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Host of "Bay Area Block Report Top 10 Video Countdown", Won Humanitarian Award For Underground Girls of Hip Hop 2011- Hip Hop Music Channel Legend Award - Spotlight Award For Best Rapper and is still holding the Guinness friendly record of holding the Biggest brother and sister HipHop duet with her brother E40




Today we are here interviewing with Suga -T
CEO, National Recording Artist and Speaker

Hows it going today Suga-T?
Thing are going great, thanks for having me today.

The pleasure is all ours. Well lets start off by talking about you.
Tell us about Suga-T?

I was born in Vallejo, California; and it was a very diverse environment where I got to see a little bit of this and little bit of that. I spent a lot of time in Oakland. It's like a second home and that took my career up a notch.

Does music run in your family?
I grew up singing in church with my grandparents and family. As you know my parents , aunts uncles and cousins are musicians in some form or fashion. Such as producing music, playing an instrument, using their vocals, background singing, writing, or being motivational speaker.

Who is Suga-T as an artist?

As an artist, I am every artist. Just like saying I am every woman
that I am. I feel that I am free to move about in every aspect of my artistry. I'm a legendary songstress, rapstress, poet, writer, professional performer, producer, artist developer/mentor, and actress with many capabilities. I've set the mark for many who have come behind me that still haven’t filled my space, or made the mark on a national level that I have made as a female Hip Hop artist/executive, deriving from the Bay Area.

What projects are you currently working on?
I have been continuously working on projects, so it’s hard to pin point one. However, I am continuously moving my Sprinkle Me Fragrance, Spa Body, & Oil Collection. I have been setting up more motivational engagements through "The WEAVE Movement", that I founded. It stands for "Women Entertainers Against Violence Everywhere." I am using different methods to bring awareness to health, wellness, and violence prevention issues that plague our communities.

Tell us about your song "Woman". and what is the meaning behind the title?
"Woman" is a song on my mixed CD series, that I decided to make a video on to represent being a woman.
I love Chaka Khan, so I felt good about being able to ride one of her tracks with a hot flow that had some new skills with an old school swagger. The Woman Song was on a mixed CD titled: "The Game Needs Me." It gave me another rap track to perform on stage, which makes me feel like a Beyonce or Janet Jackson in a rap form.

How do you plan on growing your fan base?
I will continue to do what I've been doing to grow my fan base. By constantly building my database, using various tactics that we have always used as Independent Executives in this business. I'll continuously bring out an unexpected element to get people talking and feeling silly about making assumptions, which will arise more curiosity within them to search for accurate information on, Suga-T.

We recently spoke to E-40, and mentioned your feature in SWAG Magazine CA.
He lit up with a big smile! What is your "family" relationship like
between your brothers E-40, D-Shot and Young Mugzy?

We are extremely close like family is suppose to be. When we need each other we are there for each
other. We are all individuals so we also do our own thing as well, like normal people do. I am a female version of all of them mixed together...Real talk!

What is your "business" relationship like between you and your brother E-40?
My business relationship is the same as my personal relationship. We work together on projects whether it's in front or behind the scenes, when we have the same vision or time to do so. My brother brought me in the music game as an executive producer, so from the gate he set me off in a pretty place to produce my own projects and to be able to produce projects for others.

He taught me the independent game, in order to be able to stay in the game as
as my own entity. Me and all my brothers: E-40, D-Shot, and Young Mugzy will always work together at some capacity. Recently I placed a song on E-40's latest album. I do a lot work for and with him. E-40 is featured on a song titled "Original", on my new album. Me & D-Shot just collaborated by producing my
new surprise video called, “Don’t X Me Out.”

From a Hip Hop Diva to Lights - Cameras - Action, to Suga-T Fragrance
to WEAVE Activist (Women Entertainers Against Violence Everywhere),
what is the story behind it all?

The lights, camera, action is second nature for me! It derives from the gifts that God has blessed me with and in allowing me to be a talented dancer, songwriter, actress, and producer. The WEAVE Project is a part of me that I have adopted in my career and my life's endeavors. It stands for Women Entertainers Against Violence Everywhere. This project has various aspects to it. It gives me a chance to expose the issues of violence and health issues, while presenting women to work together at many capacities such as on stage, behind the scenes ect. Along with helping others who are helping people reach their highest potential. You don’t see female artists getting together too much or other women that have the ability to make some noise, so I am using my legendary status and expertise to do so. Everyone can stay updated by checking out

As far as Suga-T Fragrances, visit This is a line that I came up with while going through a very challenging time in music and my personal life, so I built a line that has many aspects to it, as well. Suga-T Fragrance is an empowering fragrance product line that provides great products: Spa & Body, oils, body and room fragrance, cosmetics along with services that provide economic empowerment, promotes self care and supports social causes for men and women. My "Sprinkle Me Collection" is Endorsed by my brother E-40, and myself, it's my prize collection. Raising my children throughout my career has made me be resourceful and try new ventures to survive. I actually host perfume workshops called: “Finding Your Perfume” for young ladies, and “The sweet scent of success”, for adults.

Suga -T Fragrances is managed by Pamper Certified Division that is building an independent distribution channel and services for small businesses and others to start their own business, make extra money, do fundraiser parties and empower others.

You have traveled down many roads throughout your career as an
artist and a business woman... What are some of the lessons that you have
learned throughout your travels?

I have been blessed to learn many things from the good, the bad and the ugly; which you can hear more about in my book! It’s too much to explain. But in a nut shell, imagine being a mother, a wife at one time or another, managing your own business, all while having great aspirations! Imagine being an only sister in a family full of guys, and the only female in a music group! I'm the type of woman and artist that full of so much depth! I refuse to incorporate lyrical content that only speaks on sex, money, alcohol, and drugs.

I recently started hosting, "The Bay Area Top Ten Video Count Down", that's on every Friday. You can check it out on Channel 104 at two different times, I believe its 4pm and 11pm. I have a few other television productions that I am involved in as well... I'm extremely stern about continuing my education. After going back to school and completing my AA, and Bachelors Degree, I'm now working to complete my Masters Degree. Between all this, I work with others by directing programs, hosting events, and hosting motivational speaking engagements.

I do business consulting of music and business and continue to produce videos, music and tv projects for special projects myself and others. There are many roads and much to both sides of the game which is why I called my album this theme.

Many artists rush to fill the shoes of successful artists before them.
What must a artist be prepared to go through before they can walk a
day in your shoes, and what advise do you have for them?

I don’t think an artist can ever walk a day in my shoes and still survive today, be in their right mind and be healthy. I have been in many circumstances that a common lifestyle brings. Along with a whole lot more that comes with being in front and behind the scenes. However, I do know that I have been around for 25 years and no-one has yet filled my position and through all the transitions in my life and career to have a grip on what life brings, raise two children from a teenager, still look like i am in my 20's and still rip a mic rather singing or rapping my relevance can't be matched.

I am still the biggest female Hip Hop artist that originated from Northern California and made it
on a national level. My many hit songs that are heard on the radio today, speaks for itself. It will take a while for someone to catch up. What I could give in a nutshell, is to tell artists to make sure it’s their calling, be humble, and appreciative of those who work with you because they don’t have to invest their energy and time on you. You are not guaranteed to make them any money back and time don’t get back. Also, respect artists that that have paved the way, instead of trying to compete with them.

Just 'cause you don’t hear someone on the radio or in the top ten doesn’t mean that an artist is not relevant. Know the game and it can play a major part in your success. By learning the business behind your career, can make the difference in your success or failure. This game is a gruesome game and most get in and don’t stay in. If you are a female you should be breaking your neck to work with other females artist and female bosses real talk cause a female knows what a female need and males try but there is no comparison. So instead of competing with us female bosses, respect the game cause maintenance and having staying power makes a big difference not what you seeing on these reality shows that exaggerates the truth. Last piece of advice, respect everyone because it is a healthy life law and you treat people how you want to be treated, being unique and believing in God, makes a major difference! .

Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us today. We wish you much successs.
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