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Outspoken will be distributed by Def Jam Digital and Elusive Records and be released on 5.17.2012. Available in Itunes, and Selected Best Buy Stores.


I'm a artist out of Illinois who push the envelope with my music.

I was raised by my grandparents and moved with my father at age 12. I grew up in a small town and since I could remember I was a fan of music and hip hop. I have been doing music/producing for about 6 years now.

When did you start Elusive Records?
I started Elusive Records back in 2009 after I did my 1st show.

Who is Static as a person off the stage?
Off stage I'm a family man and like to play basketball and play some madden on ps3. I like to spend time with my nieces when I'm not working with music.

How long have you been in the music industry?
Well I started music back in 2005 thanks to my mentor steelo and broke into the music industry in early 2010.

Who inspired you to get into music?
Steelo was the first person and very thankful he pushed me to do music. he told me to freestyle and never did in my life until one day he played a beat and went off for like 3 minutes straight. He told me you got a talent and kept helping me through out the years.

My new solo has a lot of power and midswest production.

I like this product as whole and tells alot about my diversity in music album features Bizarre Of D12, GLC (Formely of G.o.o.d Music) This album has been 2 years in the making and handpicked 11 best tracks I have done over these past 2 years. very diverse with rockish and hip hop roots.

What expectation do you have for Elusive Records?
My expectations is to keep growing as a record company and stay independent and sign other artists I'm currently working with now. Avarice is a good one out of Chicago Illinois 19 year old rapper be on the look out for him.

What artist have you worked with?
I've work with Flavor Flav with my mixtape company, Bizarre of D12 on album. Ak of Do or Die,Young Buck, Obie Trice, GLC also on the album and Hed Pe.

Which artist are you looking to colab with in the near future?
I would like to collab with lloyd banks in the future or kid cudi I respect there art and flow and can't forget B.o.b and T.I.

What regions are your music getting the most recognition in, and how are you capitalizing off of it?
I get alot of love in Uk alot of sales from singles come from over seas, I get alot of love in Pa, I will be doing shows there this summer. Wisconsin holds me down great and Indiana I do alot of shows and work with artists over there. Kentucky has been showing alot of love lately and will be travel this summer there as well.

You had a near death experience from being drugged at a bar after an event. Can you tell us about that?
It was back in 2008, May I believe. I went out with a few friends to have a few drinks. At that point in time I had some problems with people who knew I was making music and seemed to best tested everywhere I went. From what I remember that night everything was fine but I left my drink unattended for a minute and I went to bathroom.

I remember feeling really drunk and only had 3 drinks. I carried on through the night and went home with my girlfriend at the time nothing seemed out of ordinary. I remember waking up at 2am and my heart racing was flying and I couldn't breath. I was pale white and my lips were blue. I told my dad at the time something wasn't right with me. I couldn't figure it out and he called 911 and I was rushed to the hospital where they found my heart rate at 180 and couldn't get it down.

They had to inject me with 2 shots to restart my heart. All I can remember is white lights and doctor telling me to push my heart popped back into rhythm and still was high. 160 so did it again. Finally after 3 hours my heart started to go back to normal. They took a piss test and blood test and found meth in my system. So putting it all into perspective I realized someone slipped it in my drink as I left it unattended. I'm just glad to be here today to tell my story and be where I'm at.
Hip Hop today is watered down.
Hip hop today is watered down and I feel alot of artist are made into something that their not, alot of fake people. I feel like the direction is steady going in right direction with the lyrics coming back.

In your opinion, how important is online marketing?
Online marketing is the key to promotion now days and it helps alot with the way you can sale your music all over the world easier.

What tools are you using to promote your music?
I use reverbnation, and my website I
also use youtube and other advertisement online sites where your music can be heard.



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The making and thoughts surrounding the song "Peace Of Mind".
The video was telling a story about bad that goes on in world and people can get side tracked by the lights. You have to keep a piece of mind through it all. We shot the video in front of an abandoned movie theatre to show how much things have changed. You have to keep a positive state of mind to push through it all.

What inspired you to write "Piece Of Mind"?
Myself and my current situation in life. At one point I didn't know where I was going and I needed a piece of mind so I started writing and "Piece Of Mind" kinda fell together.

How was it working with GLC?

GLC is a humble guy and very hands on. One of the best major artists I have worked with. He is a very down to earth dude with a sense of humor.

How long did it take you to make "Piece Of Mind"?
After I got the beat it took me about 20 minutes to write my verse and then I sent it over to g to record. All in all it took about 2 weeks to put together the finished product.

Where was it filmed?

Some of the video was filmed in downtown Chicago and Lansing Illinois.

Who produced the track?
Don coda produced the beat and I produced the mastering and final product.

What distribution company are you working with?
Exclusive Records is under Def Jam Digital. I am also pushing my music through our street teams throughout the midwest.

You are also a promoter for shows throughout the midwest and more. Tell us about that.

As a promoter I started out with bizarre of d12 and started growing shows work well and started working with d12 and Young Buck. I used it as a tool to get my music out there more. Ii ts a stressful job but it also shows that hard work do pay off.

What artist have you put on and how can artist be apart of your events?
The way I do it is that you have to pay to play. If you want to be down with the tours and have talent that your working with just get at me and we can work a deal out. I believe there is no such thing as a free ride. You have to put in the leg work and time to be successful. If they don't want to put in work then I willnot work with them.

What would you like to say to your supporters?
I would not be where I'm at now without the support I have received from my fans. Let me rephrase that. My wife has helped me so much with fulfilling my dreams and my music career. She is my number one supporter. My fans are dedicated. They show up to shows, they vote for me and cheer when im in contest.

I would like to say I love all my fans and its greatly appreciated to see how much they ride with me and follow my music. I would also like to give shouts out to my people who helped me and guided me with this music. Tiajuana Smith, G.c.b for doing my first show with me and Steelo for introducing me to music and teaching me.







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