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Big Sloan also known as Sloan Bone is from Long Beach, California and resides there today. He was born and raised in Long Beach for the most part except for a short time period when he moved with his Mom to Norwalk, California, however they had to move back to Long Beach due to lack of money.

Sloan began to rap because he used to sit in the music studio and watch his cousins' record. He wanted to be in their group called "AZ IZ" but they would not let him join because they felt he was not good enough. "AZ IZ" was good friends with another established group in the area called "The Pharcyde".
Sloan grew up listening to artists such as Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Cannibis, Ice Cube, NWA, Tupac, Biggie, and the Wu Tang Clan.

At 18 years old, Big Sloan stepped into the music game by battling all the time servin' MC's in Los Angeles County. This is why the first tattoo he had inked is Lyrical Genius. His friend Shawn introduced him to Platinum Thug Entertainment CEO Chris Gunn from Orange County who taught Sloan how to rap professionally.

Platinum Thug Entertainment was the first label Sloan signed with. At the same time Sloan went back to the block in Long Beach and began selling weed on the corners of 19th and Henderson, and 21st making good money which put him on club "VIP" status because if you had money you could make connections.

This is how he met a lot of artists and a variety of peoples in the local clubs. After a while that became old and Sloan ventured out into other states to make more contacts.

Then one day LIFE CHANGED when Sloan was shot 5 times back in Long Beach at the corner of 15th Big Sloan decided to take a different path because he knew he was here on Earth for a Reason, and that reason has pushed him to better himself and evolve as both a person and an artist.

In Las Vegas, Nevada on New Year's Eve 1999/2000 Sloan met Layzie Bone through a friend of his named Fredro Starr who is a member of the rap group Onyx.
Instantly they clicked and began to chill and party, but after 30 minutes Layzie looked at Sloan and said "You're my little Brother" and mentioned that he looked liked Layzie's actual little brother Stew and reminded him of his cousin Skant Bone.

For 2 years Layzie did not even know Sloan rapped, and the first time he heard Sloan rap he said "It's On" Ima put you on Mo Thugs, and so he did. Sloan has been recording with them for 10 years now and he is still a vital part of Mo Thugs. Sloan Bone and Layzie Bone have a real brother relationship and as well there is a special bond with the rest of the Howse crew which includes Stew, Flesh and MOM Pam! Sloan's Now Deceased Mom loved Bone Thugs N Harmony music and is the reason he began listening to them. RIP MOM, you have great taste in music!!

Today Sloan is recording his next Album Titled "Khakis and Chucks" which promises to bring in a new adventure and expansion into his next stage as an artist. This album is slated to come out just after summer 2011. Sloan will begin to tour as an Artist that has matured into the ever-evolving world of the music industry. He has some great surprises in addition to his already growing music and one of them is guest artist and friend Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers as well as his continual touring and work with Layzie Bone. Another facet of Sloan's work is the great team around him and supporting cast, L-Mac the manager, and D-Rado another up and coming artist as well as music engineer. Sloan also produces and engineers music which makes him an all around performer into every aspect of the work he does. This next stage of his work promises to move forward and enhance an already well established group of musicians, producers and engineers in the Mo Thugs community.

Big Sloan and all Mo Thugs Artists are keeping up with today's new digital and computer technology and working within the new umbrella that hosts Mo Thugs Artists in the company Harmony Howse Entertainment, set up by Layzie Bone in order to blend many facets of the entertainment business together and keep up with the growth and marketing necessary to still be a vital link in the entertainment industry. These facets include ustreams, social networking, filming, utube, clothing, and applications that focus on Mo Thugs Artists and their individual work, as well as group connection. These facets can be seen at the main website www.harmonyhowseent.com contributing to each person's success. The music however remains the heartbeat of the entire project, as Big Sloan and company always keep to the original LIFE of their rap style even as they evolve with their music.

This will never change, and is something that keeps the company solid without wobbling and fitting into today's music, yet instead pumping out the high quality sounds of what keeps them real, and reaches out to the many that come from the same streets they came from. This team of musicians reach is global and therefore it was necessary to create a website and work on social networks to bring everyone together. You will never see Mo Thugs artists stray from their roots, yet instead keep up with and create new technology with the website hosts and people around them in order to promote their music, with their unique style. Together the old school and modern day technology are learning to blend and provide a worldwide connection. Growth and one's Origination do complement the new movement.

Big Sloan Links
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/sloan.bone1 My Space Page: www.myspace.com/momurda21 Twitter: twitter.com/sloanbone_mtf

YouTube Links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kplDASerfNk

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