Photography by: Curtis Jermany

RAFFLE His passion in the music game is unmatched as he works relentlessly to make lasting, and impressionable sounds relative for all music lovers.


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Photography by: Curtis Jermany

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RAFFLE - HIP HOP ARTIST - By: Ani Galestanian

Q: Today we are here interviewing with Hip Hop artist RAFFLE out of Los Angeles, California
Hows are you my man?
A: I'm doing cool. I'm working non stop and staying on top of my music.

Q: I hear you on that. I was just listening to that track Cloverdale. Thats a hot track.
A: Thanks. Cloverdale is the neighborhood in Los Angeles that I grew up in. I had to give back and pay my respects to the struggle and the road that led me this far.

Q: Thats true, I can relate to that. Now let me ask you, How did you get started in the music business?
A: At the age of six I started off doing imitations at Venice Beach, of the old group BBD and NWA haha.

Q: How did you get the name RAFFLE?

A: I got the name RAFFLE from a few of my friends. They told me when I rap they never knew what to expect next to come out, like a "RAFFLE".

Q: At what point in your life did you decide to take your music seriously as a career instead of a hobby?
A: When I turned 15. That year I noticed I was quite advanced for my age, so my words were not only relative to the average teenager but also to their parents.

Swag: What type of buzz do you have in your region?
A: After the drop of "Free Agent" I would definitely say its growing by the minute. I've done a lot of shows and got a lot of play in clubs and music venues getting a lot of positive feedback and support.

Swag: What are your latest acomplishments?<
A: My latest accomplishment was the release of my latest mixtape called "Free Agent" which is available at

Swag: What  are your thoughts on the direction of Hip-Hop / Rap today?
Honestly, I'm starting to see a progress in today's Hip Hop. For the past couple of years it seemed as if it wasn't too much thought put in to the music in general. Thanks to some mainstream and the majority of all the up and coming, Hip Hop is going back to that lyrical mindset type of feel. 
Swag: Tell us the story behind your mixtape, "Free agent".
"Free Agent" is actually my first solo debut mixtape. I gave it that name because I compare my approach to music with a humble and talented athlete, ready to inspire and show the world his gifts. "Free Agent" was released March 13th. I really enjoyed working with all the producers on my mixtape. Shouts to Kid Ink, Jahlil Beats, K.E, Double S, and Charlie Brown. I also had a release party for it at Club Highlands. I did a 10 minute set and went all out with my family and friends.

Swag: You have done several projects on your mixtape with Kid Ink, tell us which projects they were, and how was it working with him?
On "Free Agent" we did, "Aye Yea", "The Introduction", "Luv Dat", "Bad Boy", "Gettin' That", "Want Me", and my single "Cloverdale". We were friends before the music came into play. I remember he stayed on the next block over and we use to play ball all damn day haha. Working with him is always good because we both think outside the box when it comes to approaching a song and bringing it to life.



Swag: I notice you use the term, "Woozie" alot. What does it mean?
I made it up in high school, it means a variation of fly; up to par.
Swag: Who is RAFFLE away from the stage and the studio life?
I'm a comical type of guy and down to earth and I'm fun to be around. I love to hoop, so if I'm not performing I'm playing ball. I love to laugh a lot to, so I'm always with the homies going back and forth on how bad a haircut look or how bad a set of teeth smell haha. I have a big family as well and I spend a lot of time with them too.

Swag: What are your expectations for "Free Agent"?

I Just want it to be heard, to be enjoyed and have a better understanding of me not only as an artist but as a person.

Swag: Tell us about your dicipline as an athlete and how you have applied that same dicipline to your music career?
As an athlete I never slept on strengthening my skills, because I felt I would miss out on an opportunity to be successful. I worked extremely hard from cardio, to 2,000 jump shots, to stationary dribbling blind folded, and then walk two miles back home every day for the whole entire summer. I apply the same mentality to my music because it brought me success as an athlete. That's why I make sure I write everyday under all circumstances.

Swag: What would you like to say to all of your supporters?
I would like to thank you so much for all of the support, you keep me going and keep me striving to strengthen my abilities. Thanks for taking out the time and effort to even give my music a chance to be heard and acknowledged.

Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us today. We wish you much successs.

Photography by: Curtis Jermany
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