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  DeadZone Ent.

deadzone ent
C.E.O/Artist at DeadZone Entertainment

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DEADZONE ENT. / PROFIT - By: Ani Galestanian

Today we are here interviewing with Profit, CEO of DeadZone Ent.,

Profit, how's it going today?
It's going good thanks for asking.

That's good to hear. We can clearly see that DeadZone Ent. is definitely making waves in the industry with releasing quality music and a strong work ethic.

Let's start off with talking about DeadZone Ent. artists:
First off we have my VP whose name is LoPro. This kid is a straight beast with the music. We started working together and collaborated on a couple of tracks that turned out real good.  After working together for awhile we built a solid bond and I offered him a position on the label. From then on it has been nothing but magic.

Blak Profet is my MVP right now. He has been doing this music thing for a long time, maybe 8 to 10 years. I heard him rap one day and I asked him to come join the label. So far he has been featured on a couple magazines. I can honestly say that Black Profit, is one of the most professional artists I have worked with. When he is in the studio, it’s all work no play.

I have an amazing singer by the name Blaise B, who is in Cameroon, South Africa. Right now we are trying to get him out to the states. People who have heard this kid, compare his sound to Michael Jackson. His voice is amazing, very soft and soulful. Blaise B and I collaborated on a couple tracks that turned out cool. He is another amazing artist on my team that I have the pleasure of working with.

Jagi Blanco is a songwriter, musician and poet. I was first introduced to Jagi Blanco through my Executive Producer Shorty Jay Beatz. Jagi had recorded a track with Shorty Jay prior to Shorty coming to DeadZone Ent. This song caught my attention and I contacted Jagi and made it happen. Now she is DeadZone Entertainment's first lady. Jagis first official Album “Queen of Queens”, under DeadZone Ent., drops on New Year's 2013.

Jagi is also up for a Music Nomination in her home city of Raleigh, North Carolina. for Best Hip Hop Artist. She proves that Hip Hop is not only about it being a male dominated Industry. When it comes to music Jagi shows that she is not to be messed with. She is Jagi Blanco, First Lady.

Don Trini is another artist of mine located in Trinidad. I have known him all my life, he is practically family. We haven’t talked in about ten years or so. We hooked back up through a family member. Don Trini was trying to do his music thing but end up getting deported to Trinidad. When I contacted him it through me off because I have known this kid all my life and I never knew he was that good.

Gatillo is our Reggaeton artist. I have known Gatillo since he was 16 years old. His passion for creating music has never died down. It’s so funny how everything has been like faith.

We have two producers that's signed to the label right now. Shorty Jay Beatz and Freddy Beats. Shorty Jay Beatz is from North Carolina, one of the best underground producers right now. Freddy Beatz is the one I started DeadZone Entertainment with. Feddy Beatz and I went to Jr.

High together and after graduation we had lost contact. Years later we ran into each other and started working together in the music scene. In 2009 DeadZone Ent. was created. DeadZone Ent. is the neighborhood where Freddy Beatz and I grew up in Queens, NY. He has been my official producer for over three years now.
Are you planning on adding any additional artist to dead zone?
I’m always open to listen to new artists and see what they have to offer, our doors are always open. To me, being available is not just about me it’s about other artists as well. It’s about giving them a real opportunity to actually do something with their music. I want artists to really express themselves, be you, don’t try to be somebody else.  I let all my artists keep their music. It only touches my hands after their creativity is finished. Any artist that feels like they have talent and they want to give it a shot, my doors are always open.

Who is profit outside of the lights and studio?
I’m just a regular person. I’m a father first. I have my kids, I’ve been there for them since day one, they are my life. They are the reason I do all of this. Outside of the studio they are my main priority. Other than that I like to go to the studio, I like to go to the lounge and go to comedy clubs. I do things that help me relax. I try to keep business and my personal life separate because you can't take the stress from your music career and bring it on to your personal life. That's a bad combination, it never turns out right. Trust me.
How did your Mixtape “Hostile Takeover” do?
“Hostile Takeover” was a success. D-bone Beatz is the Executive Producer for Hostile Takeover. He remixed and Remastered the entire cd. We had a lot of great responses off of it.  A lot of people love the songs on there. You can really listen to it from front to back because of the versatility. It’s not just rap on there. you have R&B artists, Spanish artist etc. It's something for everybody on there.


In the beginning I really didn't have the opportunity to go hard with production like I wanted to. It took awhile but my chance to make it all happen finally came around. When things started going the way I wanted them to I really got aggressive with production. Everything we put out was going hard. I felt it was like a hostile takeover so that's what I titled it. I put 21 tracks on there, no features just DeadZone Ent. artists.

How long did it take to finish the project
“Hostile Takeover”?

It took more time than expected because we wanted to make sure that we put out a product that we were happy with. Even the songs on there make statements and have meaning. When we did “Hostile Takeover” we wanted to make sure that every artist was heard and every artist was able to make their own statement.

And where can we find the Mixtape at?
You can find it on DatPiff, Hot New Hip Hop, Facebook, and twitter. The whole plan was to give it to the people.

What direction are you looking to take DeadZone Ent. in?
My goal is to expand the brand and with that said, I have to give big love out to our Director Of Operations, Jammin. He is from London Ontario Canada. This guy is great. He works overtime getting DeadZone Ent. music out there and keeping our resources and international relationships intact. He is a big factor in this whole movement.

We work with artists in the States, Canada, Trinidad, and South Africa. We just did a collaboration with my peoples from Face3 Music Group in the UK and I’m also working on a project called “Borders Without Boundaries”.  “Borders Without Boundaries” is a mixtape that will feature artists from different countries. Our goal is to get the music heard worldwide.

You do a lot of in house production, such as video production, graphics and even custom jewelry. Tell us about that.
That’s why I named it DeadZone Ent.  We try to handle entertainment as a whole not just the music side of it. We do a lot of things independently. We created a video visual graphic section of the company called, "Under Da Radar GFX".  At Under Da Radar GFX we design our own promotional material. We also create jewelry design / clothing line which is called SG Designs which stands for Suii Generis which is Latin for, "One of a kind or Unique." We also have Joseph Faison of L'il  J's Art of the Clay Kustoms as Head of Kustom Design. He designs handmade clay chains. Everything is drawn out and handmade.
What projects can we look forward to seeing from DeadZone Ent.?
We have the follow up mixtape from the “Hostile Takeover” called “Mob Mentality, Money Over Bullshit”. That mixtape is going to feature a lot of DeadZone Entertainment artists. On this one we will have some outside features as well.

My producer Shorty J Beats have his mixtape coming out called "Off The Chain" hosted by "Tattoo" formally with Flip Mode Records. Tattoo is currently signed to Protect Your Neck Records. That mixtape will basically show his beats off. Some of the features are Doe Wiz, Keyz, NTG, DeadZone Ent., Metaphors and Jay Dubbz. It's going to hit the streets hard.
Blaise B
will be dropping his EP real soon also. at the time it is not titled. Look out for Blak Profet EP coming soon called "Blak City".  It will be something for the people until we drop his album.

My mixtape will be dropping real soon called "Back To Business". I want to thank all the supporters of DeadZone Ent., stay tuned and you won't be disappointed!

Who would you like to shout out?
London Jay of Face3 Music Group Bigg Benn ..C.E.O. of KUFF ENT. D-Bone Beatz.... Diaz Bros Inc. Kurt Stock of Nameless Productions TREETOP ENTERTAINMENT Kin Harris Allen Webb Jux Cain of GODFATHAZ PRODUCTIONS Doug D. Bright of TRENDSETTERZ.... Every Artist, Producer, Family Member, Affiliates, , Friends....You have all played a VITAL Part of our Day To Day Operations. For this we thank you. Extra Special Thanks of Deepest Respect to Swag Magazine CA and Mr. Larry Smith......For giving Musicians a chance to expand their horizons and helping Musicians a chance to live their dreams.

Thank you for taking the time out to interview with us today. We wish you much successs on your up coming projects and much respect to the whole DeadZone Ent team.



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