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PKnuckle - Rap / Hip Hop

Los Angeles, CA
By: Ani Galestania

During a time when artists are manufactured from their image, to the lyrical content they produce for consumers, PKnuckle has entered the music scene as a true contender. He's no pretender nor can he ever be, he's an entrepreneur and a lyricist who depicts a vivid image through his rhymes and gritty metaphors. With a vocal tone that commands your attention, and an intelligent delivery; you can't help but sit down, listen, and pay attention as to not miss the next punch line!

Born in Queens, New York and raised in Van Nuys, CA; PKnuckle walked a fine line from experiencing the street life yet being wise enough as to not fall prey to the violence and gang life that took so many of his peer's lives. Being raised in a family where education was of utmost importance and having inherited an entrepreneurial spirit from his father, PKnuckle decided to obtain his degree in business and comprised his own independent label called "Under The Table Entertainment", in 2006. He proudly states, "I entered the music industry, not just as an artist, but with every intention of conducting business. This means, I have an equal passion for business and commerce, as I do to music!"

Having released his first album "Get Acquainted", in 2009, followed up by a string of singles. A video shot for the main single of "Get Acquainted" called "Knuckle Up", shot by world renowed director Rock Jacobs featuring a cameo from "Famous Crow" (Stunt rider signed to Famous Stars & Straps); showed PKnuckle's entire crew and how they celebrate life together.

Since the release of "Get Acquainted", PKnuckle has had the opportunity to grace the stages at major events such as: "Cage Vs Cons", and Club Vanguard in Hollywood, CA, while Dj Sourmilk was spinning his set. He has also performed at private events from New York, to exclusive events in the West Coast. With plans of going on the road for a promotional tour, there's no stopping PKnuckle when he sets his mind to accomplish his goal of delivering his music to the masses.

He has had the chance to collaborate with such major artists as Ya Boy on PKnuckle's single "Drinks On Me", "Block Monsters" featuring Xzibit, "This Dj" Featuring Ras Kass & Twin (From Infamous Mobb Deep), and "It's On" featuring Butch Cassidey.

With a work ethic comparable to none, PKnuckle's consistent hustle has garnered him a Digital Distribution deal through Trevino Music/INgrooves/Universal Music Group. This deal will allow him to distribute his music and music videos through such major outlets as MTV, MTV2, VH1, etc... As well as garnering ringtones, and placing his music in all Universal Films.

PKnuckle has been involved in all aspects of the industry from promotion, to A&R, music production, to having designed and sold his own T-Shirts. He plans on releasing a new brand of merchandise called "Knuckle Headz", named as a tribute to his fans and supporters. PKnuckle also has plans of owning a woman's clothing line due to the fact as he states, "Women shop out of pure habit 24/7, there's a lot of money to be made in that lane!"

For now, PKnuckle has been using the following online platforms as a means of releasing his music and music videos: Tunecore, iTunes, E-Music, Rhapsody, Spotify, Amazon. He also recommends using Mondo Tunes, for artists who are new to the industry. He states, "They have over 700 online stores worldwide!" His willingness to provide guidance and information to artists and those who are students to the game, is the very reason PKnuckle is respected and supported by many.

He uses the below online channels in order to release his music videos and other video content: YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Dalily Motion, and other online websites that provide a platform for artists to show case their videos.


PKnuckle's advice to artists and label owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs is to, "Continue to outwork the competition and build your own dynasty. Stop trying to be part of someone else's team... Work diligently 'cuz Persistence Equals Payment!" He is thankful for all those who have consistently supported his music and his movement.

To his fans and supporters, he states, "The only thing I can tell you guys is I promise to make you all proud... I believe in you as much as you believe in me!" There is no trying to stop or slow down PKnu
ckle, he is a force to be reckoned with... He will continue to outwit, and out work his competition until he dominates the music industry!



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