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  "NUBIA" remarkable, beauty, unique.

By Rami Bensasi

Enter Nubia, a Latin pop songstress originally from the small town of Bayamo, Cuba. 

Nubia began performing at age seven and through her perseverance she was awarded a scholarship at the National School of Arts in Havana, Cuba. As she improved her musical and performance abilities, she climbed the Cuban ladder even higher by being accepted into the Havana Night Club Show as one of the premier entertainers, which opened the doors for her to expand her reach and begin traveling outside of Cuba.



  Making waves for the Cuban culture in 2005, Nubia was part of a group of 50 Cuban entertainers to defect to the United States, becoming the largest mass defection in the country's history.  With her brand and skills now solidified, Nubia officially began her solo career.  It wasn't long before her talents were noticed by some industry legends and she was able to add features with George Clinton and Vernon Reid to her resume very early in her career.   

Today, Nubia provides a blend of House, Latin Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Pop that makes her accessible to many outlets worldwide.  She is bilingual, offering songs in Spanish and English, such as her new singles "45" and "Let's Go", two songs filled with dance-provoking rhythms and familiar party themes. 

To complement the digestible lyrics, Nubia offers a soothing yet powerfully seductive voice that makes it difficult to turn off one of her records.  But before you get far enough to hear any of this, Nubia will rope you in initially with her looks--one of her best tactics to attract new viewers.   

Now reaching from Vegas to Miami, Nubia is battling through the language barrier that she initially faced when entering the American market.  Her accent is thick and bleeds into her English songs, which is by no means a bad thing as it only adds to her authenticity.  She is a come-from-nothing artist that has expanded internationally in just a few short years by offering a variety of styles, looks and languages to appeal to just about any crowd. 

Nubia keeps the Latino culture close to her heart and it is apparent in her music.  Her Cuban roots shine through on every record, whether through the lyrics, rhythm, her look, or her accent.  In an industry today that is flooded by fabricated imagery and personas, it is nice to know that the little girl from Cuba hasn't lost her way during her travels between Vegas and Miami.





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