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Mac3 - Rap / Hip Hop / RnB

Dos Palos, Ca
By: Ani Galestania

Today we are here with Rap/ Hip Hop artist Mac3.
Mac3 thanks for interviewing with us today. It's a pleasure to be here.

Q: Mac3, Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the music business.

Mac3: I'm a family person that loves to spend time and go on trips with family. On my free time I chill with friends and sometimes have bbq. I'm also a coach for the youth and my son. I help the youth anyway I can to give back what I know and what I can teach in sports. I love to socialize and get to know new people. I workout to keep my body fit and in shape.

Q: I see you have a lot going on with your music right now. I see you out there working, doing shows and pushing your social media sites. Tell us what's new with you right now.

Mac3: Right now I've been working on my up coming album and getting ready to drop my first single off it and also a dance to it. I have my first big show in Morgan Hill on New Years Eve that's going to open allot of doors for me and my team. The only big thing that's new with me right now also is that I'm making bigger moves and making better decisions.

Q: You have a very interesting story behind your name Mac3. Share with us how you came up with the name and why it holds so much value in your life.

Mac3: I came up with the name mac when I was 13 years old. I was just one of those kids that like to be around girls. People started saying look at the lil mac and I liked it so I took it and ran with it. As I was getting older I learned what a mac really stood for and got real good knowledge from my older cousins and it really made me want to keep that name. Now the 3 comes in because I played sports and that always been my number. Sports was my life and in 2003 I got into a car accident and it changed my sports career.

It changed my ability to go further my life in sports.2009 I started having the passion for rap since I've been doing it for 6 years prior.
I told myself I need to add something to my name to make it different because I'm not that mac I once was. I added my sports number
to keep that memory of an athlete with me for life. That's how I came up with MAC3.

Q: How did that affect you when you realized that you would never be able to play ball again or see a sports scholarship?

It affected me because I am my dads only son and my dream was to play division 1 football witch I had an opportunity
to do so a week before my accident. I was heart because I new my dream in sports came to an end and now I gotta live the rest of my life thinking man I wonder where would I be if I didn't get in my accident. now ill never know that answer but god does things for a reason so it wasn't meant for me I guess.

Q: What about the recovery process. How long did it take for you to get back on your feet and what was that like for you?

The recovery process was hell but I was only hospitalized for a week yes a week. I broke my jaw in 3 places. I broke 3 of my ribs.
I had ah punctured lung, nerve damage and damaged to my teeth. The doctor told me that it's going to be a wile till I can walk again. I was worried about my scholarship so I worked hard trying to get back on my feet and all it took me is 3 days with the fight and god on my side. After I got realest I couldn't eat normal food because my jaw was wired shut for 4 months. It was hard to see people eat food in
front of me so I would cry myself to sleep. my mother found a way to feed me some food through a straw but it was hard to do.

Q: What type of love is your music getting from your hometown, Give Shout outs.

Mac3: My hometown loves my music. I want to shout out the whole city of Dos Palos, CA, my family and everybody that I deal with on a day-to-day base.

Mac3: SWAG Magazine CA "2013 LAUNCH PARTY"
@ The Lamp Liter Inn - Visalia, Ca

I want to use what I have been through to show myself and my fans that success it possible not matter what trials and tribulations you have endured in life, never give up go hard for whatever you have a passion for.



Q: You recently received airplay on 94.9 FM where you were number one for three weeks straight. Tell us about that experience and how
did that exposure take your career to the next level?

Mac3: It's a beautiful feeling when you here your song on the radio. When I heard it I couldn't stop smiling. It was number one for 3 weeks. That just proved to me that I have a lot of fans that love my music and my movement. The exposure it got for me is that it brought more artists my way to callab on their songs and networking with them. Now I have fans all through the central valley and it's a good
feeling because that shows me that I'm making good music and its only getting better.)

Q: Tell us about BLOCKGIANT ENT. How did it get started?

Mac3: Well years ago I was in a group called Minor2Major. We was working on a group album and we came up with blockgiant.
we came up with the name because we where popular in are hood we grew up in. Well the group went there separate ways and I was stuck with the project Instead of me finishing and dropping the album I just create my own label and call it blockgiant ent.)

Q: Tell us how you hooked up with CALICRIS and what do he bring to the group.

Mac3: Calicris is my blood cousin. A couple years ago he came to me and said he wanted to join my label because he can rap good. I didn't take him serious so I ignored what he said and told him to show me something. 2 years latter he knocked on my door and said folks can I shoot a video at your house. I said fasho what song and he played it for me and after it went off I said well folks welcome to the bge team its about time you prove to me that you was fareal. He brings hard work. Dedication and motivation. Putting me and calicris together makes a unique sound and good music.

Q: Being an artist in the music business is not as easy as people may think it is. Its hard work with tough sacrifices around every corner. Tell us what are some of the tough decisions and sacrifices you have been forced to make as an artist.

Mac3: Not being able to spend time with family because I'm in the studio working on music. Going out of town and staying over night.

Q: It is obvious that you are determined to break through the industry by any means necessary. What are some of the steps
you are taking to accomplish that goal?

Mac3: keep on making good music. Networking in different city's to get my music heard. Doing much shows as possible.
Meeting new people and keep on working hard and believing in god.

Q: Lets get into your new video "100 RACKS" Just one of the hot tracks off of your new street CD,
Tell us what went into making this video?

Mac3: Being focused, dedicated, time, hard work and a good team behind me.

Q: What message are you trying to send out with this song?

Mac3: The message I'm trying to give out is that I hustle everyday all day and because I hustle so much I need 100racks energy
drank to keep me up. I picked 100 racks because it works for energy and that's my goal to get to off my music money wise in 2013.

Q: Where was it filmed at and why was that location chosen?

Mac3: 100 racks was filmed in different areas of my home town. I picked those locations because the video was about
hustle so I went to all the spots where I spread my music. I wanted it to have that hustle vibe to it so I went back to my hood.

Q: What are some of the artist you have opened up for?

Mac3: Clyde carson, keack da sneak, the jack, too short, erk tha jerk, burner,turf talk,j-stalen, ect.

Q: You will be performing at the SWAG Magazine CA Launch Party Jan 11. 2013 in Visalia at the Lamp Lighter Inn. We are pretty excited about that. What tracks will you be performing and what can we expect to see from you?

Mac3: I will be performing the Blockgiant remix to "Slow Down", my hit song "Take Pictures" and I will also be releasing my new single off my up coming album. The song is called "Wipe Me Down". I will have a dance to it so be ready.

Q: What would you like to say to all of your supporters who have stood by you throughout your career?

Mac3: Thank you for helping me through my ups and downs with my music. Thank you for pushing me during the times I wanted
to quit the game. thank you for all the support and motivation because with out you and god it wouldn't be a mac3.

SHOUT OUTS: TEAM BGE and my family.




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