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Jinx Shame,
The same but different in many ways

Tell us a little about Jinx Shame, where are you from and how did the two of you get started in the music business.
(Jinx) We are both from Woodland Ca, but I lived in Charlotte NC from the time I was 11 years old until I was 17 years old because our parents got divorced. (Ernie) I knew my brother was talented and he had worked with music before so I thought he could help me. At that time I had only been rapping for no more than a year now. I feel like it was a good decision, it worked. I’m satisfied with the results.

Tell us about life growing up in Woodland Ca and how it has influenced your music career?
I know no one in woodland has ever made real good music. It has always been the same old gangster rap music with no real meaning. We want to be the first legimate and best latin group ever to come out of Northern California. I feel that we are on or way to being just that. It is just meant to be ! mother earth given>

The two of you are brothers. The same but different in many ways. How is that so?
The only way that growing up in Woodland affected me is that I know no one in Woodland has ever made real good music. It has always been the same old gangster rap with no real meaning. We want to be the first legitimate and best Latin group ever to come out of Northern California. I feel we are on our way to doing that. I believe that it is just meant to be, mother earth given.

What do it takes to keep a group like JInx Shame together?
(Jinx) It’s rather interesting with our music. Usually we write in separate rooms and the lyrics usually match. It is even dopper considering the fact that we have been apart for the last 14 years. The 14 years apart has worked in our favor in a strange way. For instance, we have two completely different styles of music, two different styles of dress, we are two different types of people but we are the same, like night and day.(Jinx) Well it’s hard considering we have been apart for so long. Shame is my older brother so we are just making up lost time.

Tell us about some of your personal struggles that the group battles with daily in the music industry?
(Jinx) Probably finding the right people to work with and filtering through the trash of the industry. The pieces are coming into place slowly with time, we have a great team that does our videos, The Kid and Swagger Life have put some time in with us. Perfect Zero produced the video for our single "Came to party". We are slowly going through management offers still trying to find the right one.

Sacrifices and Struggles in the music business.

In your opinion, How important is it for an artist to understand the business side of the industry?
We think it is very important to learn the business side of the industry first, because if you don’t learn it you will be taken advantage of. Just like anything you do in life.

Tell us three things that every artist should know coming up in the music industry.
You have to know who is right for you and who is trying to use you. It is great launching your own career and every artist should know that they need to be who they are. If not, the truth always drops out and at that point your done, game over.

How did you get connected with Kafani, and how was it working with him?
We met Kafani through our manager at the time. He gave him our cd and he invited us out to his studio. It was cool to working with Ice King Music. They really did a lot in branding the name Jinx Shame. He also helped us get on multiple stations across the country.

What are some of the projects you have worked on with him?
“Came to party” and our mix tape “Bay fucking area”.

What projects are you currently working on?
Currently Jinx Shame is working on its second mix tape “Night and day” which will be a double disc, to show the different styles we have.

What region is your music getting the most exposure and sales?
Our music, I think is popular to all ages and most regions, surprisingly in Mexico.



What artist are you looking forward to colaborating with on upcoming projects?
Right now we are not looking forward to working with any one, just working on ourselves for right now.

Hit song on 106.1 KMEL "Came to party ft. Kafani and Raven Justice.

The song we dropped on the radio was, “Came to party ft Kafani and Rayven Justice. It basically popped us off, its dope, girls love it and the club bounced to it.


Lets talk about your mixtape "Cosmonauts Mixtape".
This project was produced mainly by the Holy Valley Family, Jinx Shame and Rocco. It took us about 6 months to get it done which was a long ass time. It was just us making songs at first then we felt ready in about October and here it is. The next mix tape, “Night and day” is just about finished and it only took us about 2 months this time to finish it.

What are some of the sacrafices you had to make while working oin the project?
When it comes to sacrifice in the music industry, basically you have to be willing to sacrifice everything. It is impossible when you are just starting out in the business to have any clue what the next step is. So it is a lot of trial and error involved.

Sometimes it is hard to balance everything out. In one hand you have your dreams or as we think of it, your destiny and in the other hand you have your family and love. In our case, we are still trying to balancing it all out. To us the family is very important but so is survival, and in a world full of cannibals only the strong make it.

How are you giving back to your community?
We are working on some shows now that will benefit the underprivileged and the homeless.


Acknowledgements and credits to your people thats down with you.
The entire Holy Valley Family. Our step dad Rocco Knight, our mother Rosie Knight, our boy J Gudda, each other Jinx Shame, our fans and just a shot out to everyone who is living their lives the way they believe it should be lived, not the way they are forced and told to live it.

What would you like to say to your fans and sup
We are very thankful and grateful to our fans, we will not stop making good quality music as long as you listen. Oh, and fuck establishment.





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