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By: Ani Galestanian

IDRIS NASIR - Chief Executive Officer of Bank Money Musik
CERTIFIED (The Delacroix Report)

Idris Nasir, formally known as Emcce Earl, has made several accomplishments since his prison release in 2008.

Formally signed to Raw Dog Records in 1988, He started his own indie label, Bank Money Musik in 2011 and has been featured in many songs and videos with artists such as Joey Apples, Jet Black, Big Klef, Armored Truck Muzick, Derrick Newton and more. 

Hailing from Oakland, CA; Idris Nasir has managed to turn an otherwise dark past into an inspirational success story.

After serving a seven year prison sentence for bank robbery, Idris decided to turn his life around and get back to his dream of being a lyricist.

Being in control of his destiny was of upmost importance to Idris and so he decided to establish Bank Money Musik in 2011.

Having full creative control to produce and release the type of projects he believed in gave Idris the freedom he needed to grow as an artist and entrepreneur. Seeing the lack of meaningful content in today's music has strengthened Idris' belief to release music that has depth and a pulse. His lyrics are full of punch line metaphors and descriptive storytelling that takes you on a full journey from beginning to the end.

His upcoming album titled, "Grand Statements" will be released Summer of 2013 and promises to behold music full of passion and overcoming struggle while keeping it fun. One of the singles to be released from "Grand Statements", is called "No Regrets" and tells a story of double crossing former friends and the repercussions of betrayal.

It tells a heartfelt story which is relatable to anyone Visuals from "Grand Statements", will be accompanying the singles of "Certified" and "Summertime". Being the CEO of Bank Money Musik, Idris will be financing the album and any videos which will be released.

The beauty of owning your own label means you get to choose how you will be releasing your project. With plans of setting up shows and possibly a tour to promote "Grand Statements", Idris plans to do all he can to introduce his music to new fans. Idris states, "To all those who have supported me I just wanna say I'm doing all of this for you as well as myself and feel free to talk to me..I talk back..."

Idris Nasir brings a sense of honesty and integrity into his music. He gives his all on the track and allows you to enter into his world. His music provides him with a means of release and therapy while entertaining those who are listening. Idris Nasir has a long and fruitful career ahead of him, which promises to bring him success!

"As a artist I just want to put some quality music out thats saying something instead of following the norm". With Idris Nasir it's back to Business, you can bank on it.

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