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By:Larry Smith
Swag: Today we are here interviewing with DJ Gio. DJ Gio is a Producer & a Graphic Designer as well as the (CEO) of TurnUp!ENT / WorldStarDJs and he is the official DJ for BigBoxRadio.

It's good to have you with us today DJ Gio, thanks for interviewing with us. So tell the people who you are and what you have going on in 2014.

DJ Gio: Well, I been in the music industry since I was 15 years old. Music has always been my passion. For 2014 I have some good projects & events I'm working on so make sure to keep a look out for the features I will be working with.

I do My Own DJ edits. I do DJ Packs for local artist from Rayven Justice, Clayton Williams, Esco Best Dro, Drisker, Armani Depaul, Priceless Da Roc and many more. I am an official DJ Member for the the secret weapon for DJs.

My first accomplishment was building the best DJ crew called (WorldStarDJs) we're not just a California crew. We are nationwide. We have crew in TX/MN/NYC and a few other states as well. We do it all, from club DJs to radio DJs, you name it, we do it.


My second accomplishment is putting together the hottest artist from my city, Richmond California to work on an official "RichCity Anthem". I'm working with artist such as Iamsu, EscoBestDro, Drisker & Jay Bravo just to name a few so make sure you stay tuned in to what I'm doing. With the help of my Boi (DJ B.Fresh) The project will be dropping Jan. 2014.

Swag: What are some of the best ways that an artist can approach a radio campaign?

DJ Gio: I think the best way to approach a radio campaign is by showing your material you are working on. Mixtapes, upcoming shows, video promos whatever and do small live performances because many radio stations want to see if you got that ambition, that hunger for the music business.

Swag: Tell us about WorldStarDJs. Hw did it get started and where are you based at?

DJ Gio: Well WorldStarDJs started only with me and another DJ. A lot of djs knew what I was about so they started hitting me up wanting to be down with WSD. I told them to send me a 10 minute mix to see what type of game they had. We started hearing a lot of talented djs from all over so we started putting them on. I started getting club DJs from all over the states.

We are 15 DJs strong at this time. Nine of us are from California, all the rest are from TX/MN/NYC/KANSAS. So basically I got the hottest of the hottest DJs in my crew and hopefully we will grow bigger and bigger. We have done many club events and now we are going to have our first WSD toy drive

Swag: Tell us how you got started with

DJ Gio: Well BIg Box Radio was the one who contacted me. They had heard a few mixes on my soundcloud that I did and asked me if I wanted to network with them and provide them with mixes every Friday night. I started working with them and eventually I brought in my own crew and we all started networking, this was about 4-5 munths ago.

Swag: What inspired you to start TurnUp!ENT

DJ Gio: Every time I would go to a club to DJ I would turn it up and after I finished my set people would always tell man, "Man your mixes be TurntUp" so that gave me the inspiration to do TurnUp!ENT. The reason why I spell it like that is because I wanted to be different.
Swag: From a DJs perspective, what direction do you see Bay Area music going in?

DJ Gio: Well, the way I see it is, Bay Area music is getting noticed in more than just California. It is already getting noticed by talented artist that are starting from the bottom for instance, Sage The Gemini. He had so many likes with "Gas Pedal" and the one that took him to the top was "Red Nose".

The same with John Hart. "Who Booty" did like three or four different mixes. I know that Bay Area music is getting there but we need to keep on pushing it by playing it everywhere. No matter where you go and if you're playing Bay Area music and people hear it they will stop you and ask you what is the name of that song and who is the artist.

Swag: What are some of the things you take into consideration before working with an artist?

DJ Gio: To work with an artist I always have to hear their material first. If their material is hot then that is who I want to work with and help them out with their music career.

Swag: What artist are out in the Bay Area that you feel has the potential to go major? Why do you think so?

DJ Gio: I think right now I would have to say Rayven Justice because he got that fire and those slappers, also he can sing and rap. I think an artist like Rayven who can do both things sing and rap has a better chance at getting to the top a lot faster than the average artist.

Swag: In your opinion, what does it takes to make a great hit?

DJ Gio: I think in order to make a great hit you have to have three things. 1.You have to have a great beat that slaps. 2.You have to have them hot lyrics that go hard. And 3rd, you have to have a good network to promote it like youtube, soundcloud, hulkshare….etc. Have DJs help you out by sharing it and playing it in their sets and see what the reaction will be like from the people.

Swag: What advice can you give people who are looking to get into the DJ business?

DJ Gio: My best advice to an up and coming DJ that wants to be the next big thing in the DJ industry would be to practice everyday because the more practice and dedication you put in, the more you will get out.

Swag: Who would you like to give a shout out to?

DJ Gio: I would say God first for putting me on this earth to make people dance to this mix. Second to my family and friends for showing me a lot of love and support. Last but not least I want to show much love and respect to my DJ crew WSD.




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