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CURTIS YOUNG - HIP HOP ARTIST / Los Angeles - By: Ani Galestanian


Curtis Young
Product Of His Evironment 

Curtis Young has an innate passion and possesses the lyrical ability to pursue his artistry in the music industry.

Being the confirmed first born of legendary Producer/Artist, Dr. Dre, it's within Curtis' DNA to exemplify an extraordinary ability to spit bars just as easily as he breaths.

Curtis grew up in Compton, with his birth father's identity hidden from him by his mother, due to personal reasons that were not disclosed to Curtis.

He had to figure out life without the guidance of a strong male influence, which further strengthened his moral character and his dream of obtaining success as a lyricist.

Curtis was introduced to his father at the age of twenty, after it was confirmed by a DNA test that he was the son of multi-platinum musical genius, Dr. Dre.

Having grown up listening to such artists as Wu Tang, Tupac, Jay Z, Biggie, and Dr. Dre; Curtis found himself wanting to produce the type of music circulating the mainstream market place during that time.

He caught the musical bug at the tender age of twelve and recorded his first song at fifteen. This helped make up his mind to pursue a career as a recording artist and derive his income from it.
Curtis Young Curtis Young

Having released, "Doctor's Note" on iTunes, with plans of re-releasing it, Curtis has already made his next move to release his upcoming album titled, "Product Of My DNA", in Summer of 2013. "Product Of My DNA", tells tales of overcoming different struggles in life all while conveying his message through, "Feel Good" music.

Producers and featured artists on, "Product Of My DNA", include C-Ray, Mailman, Crooked Eye, Nat Powers, and Terique; just to name a few. Being the owner of his own entertainment company called 'Forever Young', affords Curtis the freedom to produce and release the type of music which best describes him and his experiences without having to conform in the way that some artists who are signed to major labels have to!

Curtis also has plans of giving other artists, who are signed to his company, the opportunity to showcase their talent and be able to release their music through various mediums.

Curtis has made a conscious effort to create his own name and brand in the entertainment industry without receiving the stamp of approval from his famous father!

He hopes to earn the respect of his peers for his dedication to always better his craft and diligent effort to grow the 'Curtis Young' brand. Curtis' message to his supporters is to, "Stay positive, humble, focused and center your life around God's teachings.

Never give up on pursuing your dreams, stay focused on your goals and always be about your business." Curtis Young will continue his effort to spread his music on a national level until he achieves the magnitude of fame and receives acknowledgement from music connoisseurs as well as fans.

His journey has just begun and will continue to grow for as long as he decides to produce and release music that inspires and moves his audience. We wish Curtis Young success and support his dream of becoming a legendary artist!





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