By: Kevin DesOrmeaux
Whether it is good karma, talent, luck or a combination of all three, sisters Brandi and Cheyenne Womack find themselves in the midst of a precipitous rise to fame. Born in Los Angeles, CA to Sonya and Curtis Womack, they entered into a family already rich in musical tradition and experience. Curtis was a music producer and uncle Bobby Womack was an established soul singer, at the time of their births. The stars were certainly lining up right for the sisters to flourish in the entertainment business, under the adroit guidance of their family.

When word of a talent audition being held by, Strategic Media Entertainment CEO Billy Moss, crossed Brandi’s path she diligently pursued the opportunity. Moss, looking to form a new girl group with the help of Def Jam Records Chairman L.A. Reid, was thoroughly impressed with Brandi’s vocals and marketable looks. Soon after the audition Moss signed Brandi to Strategic Media Entertainment. After being introduced to Moss, by Brandi, Cheyenne too was inserted into the group. Unfortunately, for the sisters the group didn’t develop, but they were well on their way to creating original music with the help of Moss.

This winding and unique road led Brandi and Cheyenne to their present situation; The sisters and Moss have gone on to form a musical duo under the name, 'Bad Karma'. Brandi goes by "Bad" and Cheyenne goes by "Karma", in the pairing. “The Art of Seduction”, a solo album, is the opening salvo for 'Karma' (Cheyenne). The album, dripping with raw passion and calculated sensuality, shows promise of a radiant future within the entertainment industry. Not only did Karma (Cheyenne) write the lyrics for “The Art of Seduction”, but she composed all the melodies as well. Karmas voice is in prime form, smooth as honey and just as sweet. You feel as though you’re living in Karma's dream, full of silky soundscapes and vocals that serve as an auditory aphrodisiac which effortlessly transitions you through each song.

The trio of the sisters Womack and Billy Moss appears to be on a steady ascent. Moss has partnered with producer Timothy Bullock from Ivy League Productions Inc., on “The Art of Seduction”. The partnership allowed Moss to feature Bei Maejor & J-Cole on the song “Trouble”, and Meek Demeo on the song “Trippin”. The sisters have v
entured into more facets of the entertainment industry, booking modeling and acting jobs. 'Bad Karma' is on a mission to accomplish their goals, and thus far the mission is right on course. So is it karma, talent or luck that has gotten 'Bad Karma' where they are today? The correct answer seems to be a combination of talent and an unwavering drive to succeed!

R&B Artist, Karma dedicates a song to Aaliyah, her biggest musical inspiration. It's a cover of Aaliyah's song "One In A Million" over Wale's Firefly-Lotus Flower Bomb instrumental.
Available for free download on Sound Cloud & Reverb Nation.
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