- Authors: Lola Bandz, Xpensive and Jazmyne

"That's how we build up, one take a fall we pick her back up!"
This book is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

Any resemble to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2013 Lola Bandz, Xpensive and Jazmyne Hell on Heelz All rights reserved. This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in ANY form (besides review purposes), without permission.


"This ain't daycare. We. Do. Not. Play fair! For every fallen tear, blood shed will soon follow.

Yes they keep a M.A.C on them but it's not makeup. This group of women need no introduction as their presence alone speak volumes unfathomable, they are Hell on Heelz. Snow, Forbidden and Winter each bring an entire new meaning to the word vengeance and playing for keeps.

Through the pain, harm and snakes that slither their way, they will not be wavered and their trust in each other will never fail. When one of them goes down, guns are drawn, shots are fired, the city of Miami is rocked and morgues are filled. As anyone they come across, once you put these women in your life.......it will never be the same again. There are things that can be fucked with.....and then there's them.


"Naw my nigga you don't understand, if you put a stethoscope to these bitches chest the shit will freeze over TWICE, they're just that cold. These bitches are hell on heels."

Reno sat in the wooden chair bombarded in duck tape and metal chains as his fate was held in the hands of the three deadly women surrounding him. They had stripped him of his ego to say the least. In nothing besides the mahogany skin he'd come into this world with, he'd suffered more than he could ever fathom within the last 6 hours. "Motherfucker talk!" Snow screamed knocking Reno over just before kicking him forcefully in the mouth.

A wicked grin took its place on her face once she noticed the line blood running down his chin. Forbidden giggled as she wiped it up with the bottom of her shoe. "This red on the bottom on our shoes don't always mean they Louboutins, nigga," she said while winking at Reno. Reno hurled and coughed up a mouthful of blood after she stomped him in the throat.

"Fuck you simp ass hoes, if you gonna kill me then stop hauling and make a move!" He mumbled. "Ayo! Y'all gonna sit here and listen to this nigga talk shit all night or what 'cause I ain't with it!" In an instant, Winter removed the 10 inch blade from her pocket and slashed Reno across the arm. "Ahhhhhhh! You bitch!" Snow stood off in the shadows watching her girls as she lit a blunt.

Inhaling deeply, she let the affect two-step over her lungs before exhaling a cloud of smoke into the air. Without breathing a word, she threw the blunt onto the ground and silenced it permanently with her heel. "Let's get it." She ordered. "Now….that's my lingo bitch!" Winter winked, walking off. Forbidden flipped him over onto his back with the heel of her shoe. "Who sent you?" she probed. "Fuck you bitch! I ain't saying sh-!"

Whamp! "Wrong answer, where's your manners? No respect! You don't play with a bitch in black! Now let's try this again, think and choose your words wisely before you decide to let that pea ass brain answer for you, got me? Who sent you and why?" "Fuck. You," Reno struggled to get out as he slipped in and out of conscious. Forbidden nodded before straddling herself around his waist.

In one slick motion, she wiped out the bear claw blade and sliced him clear across the face. It tore open like stitches busting at the seams, blood began to gush out almost immediately. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Reno screamed. Snow laughed before replying, "Nigga you refused to talk but you about to get this mouthful, you smell me?" She said as she began pacing back and forth as Forbidden took his blood and began writing letters onto the cemented ground.

"I don't know who sent you, neither do I give a fuck at this point-" Snow stopped to marvel over her next set of words. Reno could feel himself falling in and out of consciousness. Had he been capable, he would have brought pain to these bitches like never before. He had been respected and feared by all who'd known him and now these hoes had humiliated him to the extent! "Now, I know y'all bitches ain't started the party without me!" Winter fumed upon her return, Reno could hear sizzling noises as clear as a spring day.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhh FUCK! Somebody help me!!!!!!!" Reno's mind screamed out but his mouth didn't utter a word. "Never that, just having a little fun. You still here with me nigga? I wasn't done talking to you yet bitch," Snow stated. Winter cradled the Australian Brown Snake in her arms with ease. "A great man once quoted, common sense ain't so common. For years I admitted……I struggled trying to understand exactly just what that meant. But now, as I stand here looking down at you…you abhorrence waste of a fuckin' soul, the shit is now picture, perfect, fuckin' clear. And I mean-"

Snow stopped to laugh. "-WHEN ARE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS GONNA GET IT?!!!! It's hella fucked up that y'all still fail to grasp the simple ass concept that can be fucked with-" "-and then there's us." Winter finished. This shit here my nigga-" she stopped once again to point at herself, Winter and Forbidden. –it's solid cold like we drowned in ice!" Something wasn't right about this shit. Reno had been in the streets for years and nothing had ever scared him as much as these bitches standing before him.

Describing them as treacherous and malignant was an understatement. "Let him talk now. The bitch might actually have something to say." Forbidden laughed standing, after finally finishing up her art work. They all shared a laugh cause they knew talking for Reno was damn near impossible right now….the massive amount of blood surrounding his body confirmed that. Winter looked down at the snake. "You know.....she got a huge appetite for rat niggas." "Well put that bitch down and let her eat." Forbidden smirked.



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