By: Courtney Cherry

EMERYVILLE, CA  The originality and culture of the Bay Area music scene was fully present this year at Expression College in Emeryville, California.  What started as simply an idea to marry music, film and fashion has evolved into a full blown annual event, attracting the pick of the industry litter from rappers to singers to producers and engineers. The vibe could only be described as electric while artists and industry professionals bustled around to network and absorb the information.

Panels were held on a variety of subjects such as: "Sound Check", "Making Cents of Social Media", "On the Verge" and "Beyond the Beats". Industry experts spoke on the importance of properly putting paperwork in place for song collaborations. It was explained that when it comes to rights and royalties, not all splits should be fifty-fifty down the middle just because you're apart of the song. The percentages should be based upon the amount of work each person contributed to the record.

In my opinion, "Making Cents of Social Media" was one of the more popular sessions. It provided key information on how to turn Facebook likes into revenue as well as turn comments and tweets into a customer fan base. The "On the Verge" panel consisted of some of the Bay Area's rising stars. They discussed how to truly make a name for oneself in the music industry. Their advice was to have a strong belief in your own abilities as an artist. "No one will think you're any good if you don't".

Derek Bramble was the conference's keynote speaker for day one. Bramble is a Los Angeles resident by way of London and he has a resume that goes on for miles. He has done it all, engineered, composed and produced. Bramble has worked with icons like Whitney Houston, David Bowie and Faith Hill, just to name a few and his knowledge of the industry ins and outs is expansive, to say the least.

There definitely was no lack of excitement or enthusiasm as day two came along, bringing the highly anticipated Beats Battle Competition with it. The walls of Brick and Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco were lined with local producers from around the Bay Area who went head to head, remixing classics like the Luniz, "I Got Five On It", as well as a tracks from James Brown. There was no doubt that deciding on the winner of the competition was quite a job for judges Daryl Anderson (Dj Daryl), Michael Denten and Max Perry. After battling it out, the final showdown came down to two talented young men and Black Knight was crowned king.

As the evening drew itself to a close, the anticipation of what next year's conference will bring was most certainly on the minds of many. We would like to acknowledge producer One Drop Scott who was named the (MVP) Most Valuable Producer of the conference. We also would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mario Flores and Gabe Schillinger who put together the two day networking and marketing experience.

Be sure to check out SWAG Magazine CA at www.swagmagazineca.com for interviews with panelist along with a behind the scenes look as to why this event definitely needs to be on your calendar for next year. On behalf of the 5th Annual Bay Area Producers Conference and SWAG Magazine CA we would like to thank all the sponsors, partners and guest who attended the event and made it such a success.

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